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I've talked about this before, but I think it's worth mentioning again!

Long before I started Bright Sand Travel, I was obsessed with vacations! I would spend weeks and even months to find the perfect place at the best price for my family's vacations and for me and my husband's getaways. One of the plus sides of doing all this research & staying at so many properties is the first hand experience. Knowing the properties- the good & the bad, I will never allow someone to just settle or book "down".

I want to put you in the best resort within your budget. I refuse to send my clients to somewhere that just fits in budget. If you give me a $2000 budget and the resorts I find don't measure up, I will tell you that. We will work with timing, length & destination to find something that does work.

Some of these super "deal" websites look amazing, until you get there and realize the pictures are nothing like the actual resort. I take as much pride in planning your trips as I do my own. I honestly want you to have the best vacation! Any resort that I highlight or deal that I promote, you can trust is a quality product. #brightsandtravel #traveltrust

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