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Secret Vacation

Do you like surprises? Are you comfortable with giving up control? Here is an opportunity for both you and your significant other, friend or group of friends to be totally surprised!

How does it work?

🌴You let me know your budget & dates you want to travel. 🌴You complete a short survey to help me determine the best fit, and I take it from there. 🌴I will make all the arrangements, and it will be a total secret. 🌴A week or two prior to your trip I will send you a recommendation of things to pack, luggage restrictions, and when to head to the airport. 🌴A couple days prior to the trip you will receive an envelope that is not to be opened until you arrive at the airport. 🌴Once at the airport, you open up the envelope with your travel documents revealing where you are headed & where you will be staying.

This is not for my type A friends (I would be in this category), but I LOVE the idea and would have so much fun doing this for someone! You don't have to stress about any details- you just pack and show up. Would you be willing to do something like this? #brightsandtravel #surprisetrip #secretvacation

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