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Passport talk

PASSPORTS.... I love to post last minute all-inclusive deals, but it's pretty tough to take advantage of one (and it still be a deal), if you have to expedite getting a passport. Also, cruising with a passport isn't required if you are sailing from and returning to the same US port, but it is recommended in case of an emergency and you need to fly home. You can not fly from a foreign country without a passport. This came to light recently during the hurricanes when passengers on a Norwegian cruise ship, which left Florida, were given the unusual option to disembark in Mexico and return home This option was off the table without a passport.

Be prepared- get a passport. It's not that expensive. It lasts for 10 years, and it gives you extra options in an emergency. Plus you can take advantage of those great last minute deals that I love to post!

See for more information about passports. #brightsandtravel #uspassport

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