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Navigating Travel Reviews

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Let's talk travel reviews & tips for navigating them...

What did we do before Trip Advisor? Here are a few helpful hints for navigating the reviews for a resort on Trip Advisor and other sources:

-DATES- Make sure that the reviews are fairly CURRENT (no more than a year old) Look for trends based on dates. When reading through the reviews, did the comments tend to get better after a certain point? Maybe the destination had renovations done, and now the experience is more pleasant. Or, did it change management, which prompted more complaints after that date.

Sometimes it is beneficial to look at reviews for the time period you will be traveling, especially if it is a peak travel time. Look at the most recent Spring Break reviews if you are planning to travel during Spring Break.

-Look for CONSISTENCY & TRENDS in what people are either RAVING about or COMPLAINING about (and with the complaints always take that with a grain of salt because what one person doesn't like, another person may not be bothered by it). If you are seeing the same complaint over and over again by multiple people, it may send up a red flag.

-In regard to comments about food, keep in mind that food is very SUBJECTIVE. Everyone has different tastes, and depending on where they are from (different countries) they may have different expectations.

-Don’t gloss over in-depth reviews, those are the ones you want to read. The one star, short review, that reads “Room was too cold,” is not the one you want to use as your guide.

-The EXPERIENCE LEVEL of the reviewer can be important. Trip Advisor categorizes reviewers based on number of reviews & often a reviewer will state their travel experience (as in where else they have recently stayed) in their review to give you some perspective on their opinion.

-And finally look at PICTURES that other travelers have posted not just the professional pictures. These tell the true story.

An informed traveler, is a happy traveler! #brightsandtravel #travelreviews #tripadvisor

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