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Kids Stay Free at some All-inclusive resorts

Families with young children- have you taken a family vacation to an all-inclusive resort? I wish we would have discovered the all-inclusive format when our children were younger. Our first AI trip with children was when they were 12 & 8, and it was the easiest and most reasonable trip cost wise we have ever taken. Why? Because we went to a property where children 12 & under stayed, played and ate for free. We paid for airfare for them but the rest was FREE.

Many resorts have fantastic Kid's Clubs giving parents the opportunity to have some time alone. Plus, they make your vacation easy- no cooking, no cleaning up, no grocery shopping, lots of food options for picky kids & tons of day and evening activities. You know exactly what your trip is going to cost when you make the reservation, and you don't have to cringe every time your kids want a round of virgin daiquiris!

Don't wait- discover the ease & cost benefits of AI travel with children.

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