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How to save $ on your next cruise

Want to save money on a cruise- get a group together! All you need is 8 cabins and you will all qualify for amenities that you can select for the group- like on board credit dollars. Plus if you are the group organizer you can qualify for additional incentives.

You can create a group with family members, friends, sports teams, clubs, gym or yoga studio friends, church members.... the list is endless. I can help you select the cruise line, ship, itinerary and sailing date and provide you with the information needed to market your group cruise.

For group cruises, you want to start planning early- it's better to book a group cruise a year out or even more to give people time to plan, save and make payments along the way, but they can be done with less lead time too.

If you are thinking this might be something you would like to do message me or give me a call to talk about it.

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