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Flexibility is key

I've been posting a lot about Spring Break, and wanted to share some ways to save money during this expensive travel time. FLEXIBILITY is the key here & when working with me at Bright Sand Travel, if you are flexible I will always give you options to STRETCH your travel dollars further!

🛫AIRPORT- With living in the Chicago area now, I'm kind of spoiled flight wise. I can fly pretty much anywhere I want to go non-stop & often have charter options, but that was not always the case especially when I lived in Dayton, OH and most recently in Roanoke, VA. When traveling with the family from Roanoke, we flew out of Raleigh Durham, BWI, Dulles, Charlotte and Greensboro for various trips where it made sense. If we could get a direct flight (and be on the beach earlier) and save a couple hundred dollars a person, it was worth it to us. In Dayton, we often flew out of Cincinnati, Columbus and Indianapolis with their direct flights and charter options.

⏰TIMING- Everyone wants to travel Saturday to Saturday during Spring Break, so usually you can get better deals looking at departing a day or two before or a day or two later. I've often stretched our Spring Break trips into 8-10 day vacations for the same price I would have paid for a 7 day Saturday to Saturday trip.

If you are FLEXIBLE, I can do the legwork for you to determine various options that can save you money & STRETCH your vacation dollars further.

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