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All travel seasons are not created equal

I LOVE Spring Break- seriously who doesn't need a beach vacation by the time March rolls around! I've been doing a lot of Spring Break 2018 research lately, and will be posting resorts and pricing as I come across "good deals". But I feel like I need to explain how "good deal" pricing is all relative!

The deals I have posted recently for Fall travel & even those I had for Summer have been really good, and when you start seeing Spring Break pricing it will be a bit of a shock.....heck even Winter pricing is a big shock compared to Fall.

Not all travel seasons are created equal....we are coming off the least expensive and headed into the most expensive. Christmas & New Years is the most expensive when looking at all-inclusive Mexico & Caribbean travel. It's a short window when everyone has vacation and wants to travel. Spring break time frame is the second most expensive time of the year. It is spread out over a few more weeks, with the week before Easter & the week after being the most expensive. It's all supply and demand.

So when I post Spring Break "good deals", please keep in mind that I've done research and these really are good deals! It's all relative! I would love to help you find a great Spring Break vacation for your family at a great price, so contact me now to get it started. #brightsandtravel#vacationbirddog #springbreak2018

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